Dr. Aamer Ashour

you need to plan for a great future.

Expert and a certified financial advisor to several government agencies and a group of companies,

Financial adviser for more than 14 satellite channel can also show filter press interviews on YouTube (Amer Ashour)

 financial and administrative Training Consultant, experience of more than 14 years.

Specialist to prepare feasibility studies for all projects.

Expert corporate restructuring and financial analysis for companies.

Member of the Board of Directors for more than three holding companies in the United Arab Emirates.





He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration since 1998

He holds a master's degree in finance and banking since 2000

I have a lot of experience in financial and administrative training

I've Trained more than 4,000 trainees.

Given more than 350 training program.





Dr. Aamer Ashour's Programs

Entrepreneurship Diploma (Arabic)

Provides an ideal platform for networking with leading industry practitioners and successful entrepreneur, and for learning from peers by interacting, sharing ideas and brainstorming in a way similar to real-life work situation