Creating opportunities & Accomplishing /business Ideas - Workshop

The evening will include a set of brainstorming dialogues and enrich the debate by directing thinking to broader scopes to study any idea come to mind.

4 hours | 25th Oct

Date And Time

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    4 hours
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    04:00 pm


Public Library - HATTA

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1- Hidden qualities make the difference in the trade.
2- Philosophies and views of traders.
3- Innovative methods for manufacturing opportunities.
4- The future of business ideas.
5- The five axes in evaluating the idea.
6- Thoughts on innovative ideas.
7- The art of successful partnership.
8- The abstract in the feasibility study.


~~An evening which provides a range of training tips and abstracts about the thought and philosophies and principles of entrepreneur Plus how and logical development industry and examine ideas and business opportunities and how to compare ideas to choose the best opportunity, In addition to the important tips for successful commercial partnership.


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