Importance of Audit for startup businesses - Workshop

The aim of this training session is to spread the awareness amongst small and medium size businesses in audit principles and internal control and its relation with the internal control environment and risk management.

4 hours | 12th Dec

Date And Time

  • Total Duration
    4 hours
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
    05:00 pm


Business Village building, the second floor. Block (b), the conference Center. Deira

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This Training Session includes several related topics as follows:

  • History of audit
  • Audit institution development
  • Definition of audit
  • Types of audit
  • Difference between internal and external audit
  • Other definitions of financial audit
  • Who is the external auditor?
  • Concept of financial audit
  • Definition of financial data


The objectives of this training session is to spread awareness in:

  • Defining advanced skills in audit and financial review in light of International Auditing Standards
  • Importance of audit for small size businesses
  • Risk management technics
  • Highlighting approaches followed by internal and external auditors
  • Fraud investigation strategies and implementation methods
  • Providing internal audit assessment designs

New approaches in governmental financial reviews in accordance with the International Standards and its implantation in practice for the government of the UAE


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