How to reduce the interest cost on your SME and become more bankable - Workshop

In a world when the U.S. FED is hiking global interest rates and Banks in the UAE are increasing interest margin on loans extended to SME companies locally, the cost of doing business is becoming disproportionate to the profit

4 hours | 9th Dec

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    4 hours
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    05:00 pm


Business Village, Block B, 2nd Floor, Conference Center

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Join the seminar to better understand how you and your SME can reduce the cost of funding and build a more resilient relationship with your Banks to secure sustainable and affordable lending. 



- Achieve a more cost effective approach to doing business as an SME

- Strengthen the dialogue with Banks to ensure interest rates on loans are reduced

- Obtain an insight into risk management and efficiency when running an SME company

- Gain knowledge on how to leverage IT technology to reduce operating costs 


- Understand how to reduce the cost of funding as an SME owner 

- Gain insight into how Banks analyse SMEs when making Credit decisions 

- Understand how IT solutions can reduce SME company operating costs 

- Understand how banks view the SME profile from a risk perspective 


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