Marketing skills for successful enterprises - Workshop

Is a comprehensive program about marketing tools you need to establish a business marketing thought leader of the business where the focus is on low-cost marketing methods and ideas and great influence.

4 hours | 14th Mar

Date And Time

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    4 hours
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    10:00 pm


Dubai Public Library - HATTA

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1- General concepts about marketing and its importance.
2- Stages of the customer's purchase decision.
3- Product life cycle and marketing strategies for each stage.
4- Types of marketing:
- Indirect marketing.
- E-marketing.
- Third party email marketing.
5- Art of making business card (workshop).
6- Effective and inexpensive marketing ideas.
7- Social media marketing.
8- Instagram marketing


~~Methods used in training:

- Theoretical lectures.
- Discussion and brainstorming, role playing and simulation. Etc.
- Practical applications.
- Working groups (workshops).
- Training films.


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