The IP and Innovator's Guide - Protecting Your Innovation Through Intellectual Property Management - Specialized Program

If you are looking to protect your innovation through various IP management strategies, the IP and Innovator's Guide is what you need. It is designed to provide you the most important information of IP management and Innovation Protection. Learn from renowned global companies and organisations like DHL and GSK in managing and protecting their IP assets.

69.35 hours | 24th Sep
AED 9450

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    69.35 hours
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    09:00 am



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'- Introduction of various IP rights and applications
- IP Enforcement
- Site visits to Fortune 500 companies' innovation lab


At the end of the course, participants will be receiving the following:
- Better understanding of the various intellectual property rights and applications
- Good grasp of the various IP enforcements on different types of innovations
- Experiential learning from renowned global companies on their innovation


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