"Many of us dream of his mind for business ideas that makes them a list of projects, But the difficulty is when the idea for the community but it is based on a commercial basis to ensure a better quality standards, and professional and financial sustainability. For me it started the idea of ​​"Fils Planet" The reality of personal experience in learning the culture of Finance passed out during the period of my studies and then my work in Dubai, However, the utility decided to turn to an institutionalized project is the first of its kind to teach financial literacy to children and young people through innovative events and interactive training programs. The transformation of this community idea into reality was not the result of individual efforts, but also moral support and a knowledge not limited to many of his close associates who have heard of the idea since its beginnings, In addition to the scientific material that figured out through my involvement within the first batch of the program "Diploma in Entrepreneurship" in 2013. Simply put, the idea that every business leader needs rooting scientific practical approach covers all aspects needed by the entrepreneur to launch his business safely and successfully, It is what I have achieved a diploma presented by the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy, to turn beyond "Fils Planet" to an existing project within a few months of completion of the program. "

Saad AlRubeian, Managing Partner - Fils Planet