The first step to participating in the training is to find the program that meets your interest. On the home page, the featured and upcoming programs are listed. Another way to view the programs is to browse by category, this can be done through the menu “Programs”, select a category and you will be shown the trainings available for that category like below

If you click on the title, you will be shown the full description of the course


Program Information


This page displays the program details, schedule and forums. They are provided to the public to help decide on which program to take.


Every information provided during program creation is displayed here (see Create A Program)


From this page, you can register, discuss(forums) and vote/like the trainings.


Information about the trainer is also visible


Program Schedule


    This tab displays the time and location for each session of a program. There are no user actions available in this page.

Program Discussions


    This tab shows the forum for this training. It allows existing and potential students to communicate with the instructor and their colleagues.

Program Materials


    This page is available only for registered members and the instructors

It allows them to download the course materials made available by the trainer.